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'...Always interesting to enter...'

"Hi Oliver, Just a word about your predictor game. Always interesting to enter. I am never going to win it outright as I miss a few weeks while we go off in our camper but still makes it interesting and did have two first places last season. Still, did not do too badly finishing 36th and missed about 4 weeks I think. Hope you carry on with it next season."

Trevor J

'...Enjoyed this season's competition...'

"Enjoyed this season's competition all the more because it was something to focus on during the lockdown. Hope I scored more points than Mark Lawrenson."

Frederick M

'...Another enjoyable season, thanks once again...'

Dianne A

'...really enjoyed taking part in the competition...'

"Just a quick note to say I really enjoyed taking part in the competition. This was the first year I've taken part. Predicting the right score for matches was much more difficult than I expected and I rarely got more than one score right each round if that. That said I wish they would do away with added time and as all too often my predictions went down the tubes in the last few minutes! 😢 I finished in 99th place so just scraped into the top 100. On the last round I see I scored the same (28) as a fellow West Ham supporter, HappyHammer. Thanks and looking forward to next season. I'll try to persuade a couple of friends to join in."

Alan M

'...I love the predictor game...'

"Afternoon Oliver, I love the predictor game and play it every week. I managed to finish 43rd, not great but I see it was better than you hahaha, I always look forward to this every time we predict the scores and it's a fun thing to do I hope the Predictor will return for next season All the best mate"

Franny R

'...the best premier league prediction game in the UK...'

"Congratulations to the winner and many thanks to Oliver and staff for a fantastic predictor game once more. I finished in the top Twenty and looking forward with great interest to next season and hopefully do much better. Thank you once more for providing the best premier league prediction game in the UK. Kind Regards.

Matt M

'...enjoyed playing this season...'

"I have enjoyed playing this season looking forward to the next one Thanks Gary"

Gary S

'...i think its a nice clear to understand website...'

Phil N

'...Thoroughly enjoy seeing how my predictions fair...'

"Thoroughly enjoy seeing how my predictions fair, and amazed at some of the scores on the leaderboard. Thanks again"

Mark N

'...Thank you for all your hard work in running the excellent 'Premier League Predictor game'...'

"Hello Oliver Thank you for all your hard work in running the excellent 'Premier League Predictor game'. I have enjoyed taking part every week and am happy to find out that I finished a respectable 22nd in the overall standings. I look forward to competing once again, when the season begins next month. Kind regards"

Ceri T

'...I get a lot of pleasure from selecting the scores...'

"Can I thank you all for this running this competition. Winning obviously helps, but I get a lot of pleasure from selecting the scores and watching out for the results on a match day!"

Roger R

'...Thank you!...'

"Hi Oliver, Thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed playing and following your suggestions."

Hilton E

'...a very entertaining prediction game once more...'

"Hi Oliver, Thank you for the update and I would also like to thank you once more for a very entertaining prediction game once more.I look forward to next season and hopefully you will keep it going next season as well. Kind Regards,"

Matt M

'...Thankyou for running the predictor again...'

"Hi, Just a quick Thankyou for running the predictor again, it gives my hubby something to look forward to as hes not able to get out and about much now. We had the pleasure of winning a few years ago and was 14th this season. Best wishes in the short preseason as he looks forward to another predictor season."

Brenda N

'...thank you for running the league...'

"Hi Oliver, Just wanted to say thank you for running the league this year! I think I won a week at the beginning but it was so long ago I cannot remember! 😂 Glad you are doing it all again for the upcoming season... Regards,"

Glenn H

'...Many thanks for all the effort you put into it...'

"Hi Oliver, Just to say how much I enjoyed the "mini-season" and look forward to the new, hopefully full one to come. Many thanks for all the effort you put into it. Best Regards"

Geoff G

'...given me an interest in the Premier League results...'

"Oliver, thank you for organising the 'prediction' competition as it has given me an interest in the Premier League results and I'm hoping you carry it on next season! Regards,"

Denis B

'...I love the Predictor game...'

"Hey Oliver I love the Predictor game and look forward to it every time, I am going to miss it and the football but we have not got long to wait until next season begins. Great game mate and I wasn't that far away from the top, I finished 6th. Have a great few weeks mate and I can't wait to get the ball rolling again Kind Regards"

Franny R

'...really enjoyed it once again...'

"Hi Oliver, Thanks for running the competition - really enjoyed it once again. Best Regards"

Nigel O

'...thanks for the good fun...'

"It has been great this year during the lockdown helped keep me sane.thanks for the good fun."

Barry T